Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Blue Hunt

In my second post on this blog, I wrote: "Probably I'll never steal an allied's horse, it's just my way of playing". I've never stolen an ally's mount but I've surely killed some blue players. Today, I was planning on hitting a hamlet's mine and in the way there I started hearing fighting noises. I quickly dismounted, unspawned it and hid to take a look. After some nice and quiet crouch walk I was in position to see what was happening: a blue ork player from the clan owning the hamlet I was going to hit was fighting a Vilegaunt with a Fire Bow. When I scrolled over him I saw he was at 30% of health so I gotta admit, there wasn't a lot of thinking involved. I rushed against him and after a non epic battle (he was just blocking and my aim was awful due to The Rush; yes, still) I managed to kill him. Then I realized my alignment received another serious hit (I'm at -22 now) but it was too late, I couldn't wait to see if their clanmates were coming or not so I ganked him, took all the unbagged loot (damn!) and got the hell out of there. It felt nice because the poor ork was carrying very nice bows among other stuff but I hate having a bad alignment since I'm a very nice wolf!
Right now, there aren't a lot of consecuences for being red, I just can't deliver the finished quests and I can farm alignment on someone's alt any day. In a proper alignment system, my action would have granted me negative points towards the clan and not the NPC cities. Av hasn't said anything about the alignment system but I surely hope they have it in mind.

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