Monday, September 27, 2010

Siege Report: Skaranibben 26th September

Yesterday, Lux Arcana was sieging Pandora's Skaranibben in return for their Ichan Siege three weeks ago. Some problems with LA forums delayed this siege until yesterday. The siege started pretty good, we had some good tactics and were a lot of people. Unfortunately, it went down pretty bad. The first fight were in a tunnel, Pandora were waiting for us at the end of the tunnel in a very big cave. The battle started with a lot of confusions blinding me for a very long time. I don't know why I felt I could advance a bit but I obviously shouldn't because other clan mates were moving in the other way. I soon was dead and ganked. Once again, I was not paying attention enough at the minimap and the position of other clanmates. My character is not that strong to survive kamikaze attacks and that's what I did there without fully knowing. I really need to be more cautious and fight among my group and mostly behind the hard and tough meleers. In the second and final fight we were the ones in the cave in they were coming from the tunnel. Our mistake was to let them in the cave, we should have hold our positions at the end of the tunnel, going to any side of the tunnel's mouth to heal and buff and slowly killed them one by one.  From my personal perspective, as soon as Pandora entered the cave in full force I was completely lost. I don't have the cold blood needed to survive in such uncomfortable situations, yet. When pursuing a fleeing enemy (stupid action, we was far and I was low on health) someone killed me with a couple of hits in the back and ganked.
We have learned a lot from this fight and a lot of discussion is still ongoing at the clan forums. I hope this makes us stronger and a better figthing force. One of the bery good things about Darkfall is its deep fighting gameplay that encourages a good strategic organization for the group and in-battle tactics for every individual. So, there will be always some room for personal and clan improvement. And that's pretty nice!

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