Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A happy escape

Yesterday I went for some PvE with some clanmates: Franko, uiskaM and Ankan. We wento down to a dungeon where we hunted some high level mobs, Menhir Sentinel, with classic tank and healer tactic. Our first recall didn't went very well for three of us. We were on top of a rock while Franko was recalling with all the loot from behind it. Then a stupid mob saw us and we three had to leave the recall but fortunately Franko could finish it. After that we decided to go to the exit and rode back to Frostbourne but then some zZzZz appear, I only could see Ellianor but Ankan said we had seen at least 2 of them. Right now, two zZzZz mean a tough battle and we decided to run. After the loading screen I quickly mount up and start riding looking my back. Lucky me, I fell in a hole. I hid there, I heard the sound of the enemy mounting and riding and I'm already thanking my wolfi gods when I goddam Windgraive found my hole and started hitting me. I jumped out of the hole and I saw the enemy, maybe Ellianor maybe not. Once again, I turned around and started riding but the Windgraive kills my mount. Some shrapnel and bunnyhop down later, when I looked back there were no enemy signs. I don't know what happened there but I'm surely grateful. After a too long recall I arrived home and among other stuff I received 3k gold, a portal shard, two r60 Greatclubs, a pair of full plate leggings and some nice enchanting mats. You gotta love this kind of stuff.

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