Friday, September 17, 2010

Some awaited developer feedback

Today, Tasos has once again appeared to give us some insight on what's going on in Aventurine. You can find the whole post here but I'd like to highlight some of the most interesting parts.
This week we had engineers visit us from our hosting provider to work with us and to set up a new basis for cooperation following the recent problems with the EU server connectivity. (...) As far as the player experience goes, the recent issues have been mostly addressed, but we’re not happy yet, so there’s quite a bit of work ahead of us.
The lag issues in EU1 are not as bad as they used to be but there's still a lot of sudden and unexplained lag spikes. Performance is a very important aspect of every multiplayer game and I truly hope Av improves it until the game runs without any problem.
The upcoming expansion is undergoing final testing and there are many last minute additions wherever we can make them. The delay has had a positive effect on the number of dungeons that are revamped and now about 50 percent of them have been redesigned, themed up, have repeatable quests added to them, new monsters, balanced rewards, and have generally become much more meaningful and connected to the lore.
What does final testing means in days? That's the question everybody is asking right now. We can only hope is sooner rather than later. It also seems that dungeons are the main objective in this expansion and that's not bad news at all but I'm happier with the general PvE news: better AI, new attacks, new monsters, better loot... Tasos says that the new terrain system is nearly concluded aswell but it still looks like a mere graphic revamp that doesn't imply any gameplay change. Graphic revamps are good and will help to bring more players to the game but it's not what current players are expecting.
About the lore, there are significant updates in progress which put things into perspective, old questions are being answered, hints and teasers offered on major world-events to follow. We’ll try to do better at communicating changes like this in the future.
I truly hope this becomes a reality as soon as they can. The Dinamic Lore System was one of the main things that made me buy Darkfall but I've only managed to participate in one event and it wasn't lore related. I'd like to see a lot of events going on weekly. I know it's hard to pull that but I believe this could be a major improvement for Darkfall.
The rest of the message showed me something very important: Aventurine is still growing and that means Darkfall is still a healthy game. Keep on playing!!

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