Thursday, September 16, 2010

Weird Windlord Chest

Yup, weird things still happen to me. Last week I was looking for a Selentine Chest out in the open, very close to Velmuna to cash those little keys when I see a chest in a Windlord nest. Surprised I see that the "use" hand icon appears when I roll the mouse over the chest. I look at the tag: L22 Windlord Chest. Unfortunately I wasn't able to use it and neither was Brutal. What's this chest? Maybe some time ago, Devs thought about Mob Chests? Is it an inside joke? Am I allucinating?
Seriously, this is good news. For me, this means that Aventurine still has many things to implement. It's like all those empty but very nice spots, they say: We're empty NOW but there might or will be some interesting things here. Keep exploring!!

1 comment:

  1. I have also seen chests like that with unique names and they turned out to be part of quests.