Sunday, May 30, 2010

Siege Report: Oethrain 30th May

Well, just a few hours ago started a new siege we, BoS alliance, dropped on ANG. We left Hal-Kali by boat and that picture shows the moment after we touched land close to Oethrain. Seconds after I took the shot, we were told that an ANG ships was coming and we went for it despite being a little scattered. After some fights in the water and some exchange of boats (I believe that happened but I'm not completely sure) we were killed and retreated back to HK.
Our second push was by mount and this time we were a nice packed group of 20 raiders aprox riding towards Oethrain. Not far from there, we got ambushed by ANG, I didn't managed to see their numbers clearly but people say we were outnumbered. Obviously no buffs on. Some of us managed to survive and gathered in hill nearby. The siege was over and some of that little group recalled back just before two? ANG appeared at our doorstep following Purple. We lost that fight aswell. Damn! It wasn't a good afternoon.
Back in Hal-Kali everyone was talking about the spy ANG must have in our lines and it really sounds like the truth. In both attacks they knew exactly where we were and had the numbers to stop us easily. I can completely make my mind about. On one side, I like players using spies because the game and the world feels more organic On the other side, there will always be players who won't use these tactics and so, they'll be in disadvantage. It's not a matter of game mechanics that you won't use like not using magic at all because my character hates all magician. It's a social mechanic related to how clans work. I don't know...

NPC versus Server

Yes, I'd like so much to see more NPC in game. Not only in cities so they look more alive or living in those few little settlements scattered around Agon but also travelling around transporting goods from one place to another one and patrolling around their homeland. The problem with this is that the server is not at its best right now and every siege I've been was really really laggy (4fps laggy). So, even if I love NPC I know Av needs to upgrade their server tech first. Tasos has recently revealed their doing some upgrading but nobody knows what is it. This game has the potential to become one of the best games in MMO market but I believe Av will need years to bring up Darkfall true potential.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

First raft journey!

Sadly, a good mate from CotP has left the clan (Naha we want you back!) and he has given away all of his bank. One of the many good things he gave me was a raft. This screenshot shows my first journey on raft, from Orksland to Yssam, and that's a beautiful sunken abby or something like that. Just another very nice piece of Agon's landscape.

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Silent World or why we need chat bubbles

In here there is a very interesting thread about how to implement Chat Bubbles in Darkfall. The OP explains very well how the system would work so I'd like to focus on why we need them. Chat Bubbles, in any of its forms, be it with bubble or just the text, improves inmersion terribly. You don't need to check your ultiple chat tabs to know if your group leader said regroup or attack or nothing at all. Also, finally we would be able to read the funny things mobs say to you when you kill them, who watches the Monster Tab? In my opinion Chat Bubbles expands the sandbox, it's not a very big expansion or tool but it is an improvement and we would all enjoy it if properly coded. I'd love to see this happen in the coming GUI revamp but I'm not very hopeful. We'll see.
Best Taunt Ever!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

We did it again! Yeah!

Yes! Some members of the CotP (Tossu, Ege, Sam, Tahvo and me) grouped together and went hunting mobs. First some Raven and then some Beastman Chieftain, those last bastards are really a pain in the ass. I can positively say we had a thrill even if it was all very nooby. Working together is just wonderful and it's the reason MMORPGs were born. I can't wait to be ready to do some real PvP hunting party and participate in some small scale PvP.
The most awsome thing of it all is that I was the ranking officer and looter of the party and I did not make it crash! I've enjoyed the experience a lot and I look forward to guide my mates in real combat. Shame we all are too weak yet, AV reduce the goddam gap!

Grouped playtime

I knew it! I was so sure that whenever I could group up with some CotP mates I would have a great time and I did! Yesterday, 5 members of CotP grouped together and went for some PvE. First we killed some earth elementals and tried to kill a greater celestial, but man, he is a tough one! After the elementals, we farmed some golems and it was really really funny. In the picture you can see our SG, Heist, looting the grave while fellow clan memebers Mouda and Dougy are resting. We even got some veilron ore! Yiha!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I've recently encounteres another seroius issue that works against the enjoyment of the game. LAG. I haven't done much small scale PvP so I don't know how deep the problem is but I've been in several sieges and lately the lag makes it just unplayable. Come on, AV, sieges are central in Darkfall but we need to be able to enjoy them. I've also red that it was so much better some patches ago and that really concerns me. I hope that in the next patch notes says something like: Fixed many issues with lag and memory errors and now you'll be able to do 100Vs100 with no lag or fps drop at all!
Dreaming is so free...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My epic adventure in Naval Mayhem II

 I couldn't make it to the first Naval Mayhem (now we now its name) so I was thrilled they decided to repeat it. I was very early in Nerzok, the ork city, and I couldn't see the boat. Some people was coming and goign, including some ANG. I asked them if they were coming along or going to slay us all. I think was Niburu who answered they were coming with us and if we didn't attacked them, the wouldn't attack us. When the hour was upon me I started to ask where the boat were and I discovered it was waiting for us north of the city, out of tower and visual range. Well, I don't understand this choice at all, I would rather like the boat to be spawned really close to the city so it's more racial than it really was. In Orks boat there were a lot of ANG people, some alfar and dwarf included, and some other clanned and unclanned people. Despite the racial thing had just gone out the window I was happy because it was looking very promising.
We were sailing north to the northern Sea Tower but very slowly and our GM Captain was not a very good sailor. Also, he said nothing to us, despite we tried, we remained completely muted. I also don't understand why. We wanted answers to some basic questions as, why don't you trade with me? Well...
Later, we found a Schooner that some ANG guy took and used to follow us.
We only had one incident and I have a screen to tell the story for me:
When I started typing "peace out!" Krankone and T4pan were in front of each other and I was kinda between them. By the time I finished the line, I was nearly dead because of both guys swinging and I barely managed to get out alive. Well, I gotta say I didn't like it one bit but I'm not gonna judge it beyond that.
At some point we had two ships escorting the SotL, but one of them got unspawned; i don't really know if that ships was one of the "random spawned ships" or it was previously owned by someone.
At some point, before any real battle, some people started spamming some magic and melee for the lulz, I got hitted and went one deck down to calmly heal. Then, even I was alone and one deck under the other players, the crashed due to memory error. Come on, Av! I prayed not to be back in Nerzok but, of course, there I was. The ship was really far by then and so I logged. And that was my Naval Mayhem II! Not so epic!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Event Fail!

Well, I gotta say I wasn't there but for what I'm reading here, it looks like the naval event didn't go as planned mainly because of a mix of timings. Well, that's very bad, Av! Come on, failing on the timing is sad. Supposedly, on wednesday they are going to repeat and by then, I'll be in my main, wonderful and missed computer and I'll try to make it and see how it goes.
Also... anyone saw the famous SHE?