Friday, September 24, 2010

More Tasos feedback

Well, well, it certainly looks like the expansion is coming very soon. 2 weeks maybe? In his last Activity Report post, Tasos has given us some nice bits of information even if I was expecting a lot more than that.
We’re doing well on the expansion activities, features are locked down, most of the checklist is checked off, and it looks like we’re good for next week.
Come on! If you have your features locked down, why don't you make a nice Spotlight explaining some of them? That's what I've missed the most from Av these days. I expected to see a lot more information about confirmed features but Av has been very quiet about them. In the post, among other things Tasos had this interesting and new thing to say.
Vendor inventories are now more complete and vendors have been added to dungeons. 
Vendors in dungeons! I guess they will be the ones giving out the repeteable quests we'll be able to do in dungeons after the expansion. Tasos also teases us with graphic improvements, more communication and, the best, some epic events in the horizon including some dynamic unannounced events. This looks nice! 

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