Thursday, September 30, 2010

A change of routine

These past few days I've been back in Mahirim lands to do some questing and advance a bit some Title Quests. In Frostbourne I did little PvE and it wasn't very rewarding. I could get a very income of money, some R40 knives, some Q1 mats to skill Enchanting and that's it. Back at my race territory I was able to do some quest that even with their limited reward got me some very nice and useful items like catalysts, lots of Q1 mats, selentine ingots, major potions and gold. It has served to clear my mind aswell and now I want to do some PvP again. I still got a big way to become a true warrior but my magic skills are slowly catching up and little by little I'm getting there.
In newb lands I've been seen some people, it's not empty neither full. I can only imagine how nice will this cities look when there's lots of mahirims and orks wandering around. I'm sure that will improve player relationship aswell and give more meaning to being blue. We'll still waiting for the expansion but it sure seems close now and a lot of people is already making unofficial lists of expected features in forums.
Many of you will know that NEW is back. After Torinar left and disbanded the clan, Kimoshu Grakenshalmn, a player from Canada formerly playing in US1 decided to transfer to EU1 to help recreate it with some important and welcomed differences.
Can you imagine the expansion comes today? Or do you think they'll announce it in advance?

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  1. Wow, I didn't realize that NEW had been disbanded. I tried Darkfall back in the spring, at the time of the €1 trial, and joined NEW. The people in NEW were great. Very helpful. I intend to go back to Darkfall once the expansion comes.