Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Forum Suggestion: Increase Random Chest Loot Over Time

Hi! Today, I've posted a Forum Suggestion that I believe could improve this beloved game of ours. You can find the suggestion and the poll attached to it here. Basicly, I'd like to see the random chests that keep spawning all over Agon increase their loot over time instead of just despawning after some time. Right now, those chest loot table is ridiculous and there's no incentive to go out there to explore weird places because you aren't gonna find anything. Maybe even static chests like Food Crate or Weapons Rack could use some of this loot increasing over time. If I decide to check that hidden and hard to reach cave on that snowy mountain, I'd like to have the chance of finding something nice to remember that. Well, check the forum thread and vote! Maybe Av will se the good on this suggestion and implement it someday.

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