Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Darkfall Postcard 9: MetalFace

In here, I posted a picture of big face-shaped rock. Well, some days ago, while exploring our Frostbourne city I saw a face in the rock. So, am I obsessed or are they? This is your decision to make. Do you see the face in the mine too? I can very clearly see a nose and the left eye of a very rich (Selentine and Veilron) face.


  1. I stared for a few seconds, and then I saw it! Except the face I saw is not the face you saw, because I see the right profile (i.e. side view) of a guy wearing a plumed hat (the largest bright shiny bit at the top of the rock is the plume, the black bit under it is the hat). His eyes are shaded by the brim of the hat, but his nose is visible, his white handlebar moustache, and his two buck teeth! He has a pointy white beard beneath that, and a bright shining collar (the lowest big shiny part of the rock).

    It's like staring at clouds, Erruk! You'll eventually see everything!