Monday, September 20, 2010

What is your dream sandbox feature?

The sandbox theme is very common in Darkfall forums. Most of the threads about sandbox ask Aventurine to introduce "more sand to the box" or more tools to play with it but nearly never do they propose something. Av said that Funhulks and Flags are some of those tools and I'm eager to see what can you do with them. Now, there is a thread with the same title as this post and even now, some people ask for more mobs, so the sandbox concept is not as clear as it may seem. In said post, there are very good suggestions that I'd like to quote the ones I liked the most.
[by krag] being able to sit on chairs 
[by ChinaCat] Hot Air Baloons that can be crafted
[by Bomanz] gaming houses for player cities with tables inside for Chess, Checkers, poker, blackjack, slot machines, roulette.
[by many people] Custom city building
[by Signus, my favourite] being able to write books in game and leave them in places
[by xpiher] territory control that actually affects other people's game play
[by Troy McShall and wicked] Free placeable houses and Customizable housing would be really cool.
[by TheDave] The option to make fake Chaos Chests so that u can use them to make traps for people
[by halldorn, this one might need tweaking but it's some clan content, much needed] Have the surrounding areas of a city be resource nodes, such as farms a high concentration of tree´s(grove) rocks rare metal rocks etc etc
[by Cunning] Boat collisions with consequences; chat bubbles options; meaningful economy; engaging crafting
[by noycex] hire npc workers that would go to nodes and harvest resources for them
[by Kyrer] add more clothing options
[by Master Isaac] Local goods / global cash. Tiered clan banks
That's a lot of things, huh? It would be very nice to see all of this suggestions implemented, right? Well, We'll see what Av have for us. My suggestion would be to add a more complex holding owning system, with taxes, building decay if not used, free configuration and so on. That would make alliances and clans work harder if they want to grow or maintain a vast empire. That might start some kind of politics!

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