Thursday, September 9, 2010

Toad's Tongue: The Big Depresion

The World War 3 is over and here in my cozy swamp it never felt like a World War. Despite that, it certanily has been important for some people. The ANG FRISST KINDER alliance lost the war and DPS, one of the biggest clans in Agon until recently, has disbanded. Some of their members went to NA1 where the population is suposed to be bigger. The rumors in the swamp say that most of DPS members who stayed in EU1 belong now to NoCry clan. The SUN clan has left the Zagenda alliance to reform the SUN alliance now the war is over but it looks like they are still in good relations with them.
News from people moving to NA1 or even leaving the game are alarming and the waiting for the expansion is killing everybody. Our beloved gods don't answer our prayers and a lot of people is tired of waiting, claiming they're going to sleep until the expansion comes.
In this quiet panorama SUN, Zagenda and Shadowlords (former allies in the war) have 31 holdings while ANG FRISST KINDER have 10, Pandora 8, The Fremen Knights 6 and Lux Arcana 5. There are a lot of holdings owned by unallied clans and I believe that's good news for the players.
Well, that's all for now, as many of you, I'll be putting candles to every saint I can think of so the expansion comes as soon as possible.
From the little swamp, the Toad says: Don't leave us!

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  1. I suppose once SUN stepped off the sidelines, the result was inevitable. I see that a couple of DPS cities have transferred to No Cry, confirming the rumours you heard.