Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The good, the fun and the ugly

Today was a very joyful day in Darkfall for me. It started after luch with a couple of hours of gameplay. In those two hours, even if I was suposed to be PvEing, 10 of us (aprox.) went to raid some nearby places for PvP. When I joined the group, we first went for Silmiyat as usual (it's so close...) and unusually they didn't teleport in to defend their mine. So, we decided to go to Ghanalag and set a little ambush there, unfortunately there weren't many people in the city and we wiped them. Next stop, Ul'Sulak, same thing. More people but not many more. After that, we split the loot and I had to log. That first part wasn't very exciting but I was happy to see that my skills were improving.
Four hours later, I logged back in and we had three raids into the city in a very short time and the three of them were really funny. We decided to use one of our buildings as a fortress and we all were inside. The three battles went down in a similar fashion. We hold our grounds while trying to pull the enemies inside the building to kill them one by one but, meanwhile the attackers were trying to do the same thing from the outside. Arrows and spells were shot out the windows and the main and only door was literally in full of flames, walls of force, arrows and everything a Darkfall player can throw to another player. It felt like a true battle with a lot of heal other and sacrifices, shouting in vent, rezing and ganking. Really funny. I don't who ordered "¡Charge!" but it was amazing to see everyone with their blades in hand leaving the building to kill the enemies. The two first times we won the charge and took the loot but on the third time (I'm pretty sure that the 3rd raid enemies were the same from the 2nd and they were better organized this time) they killed us. I've lost a bad gear bag and got some nice things from the looting so, all in all it was a very good day.
What's the ugly then? Well, the ugly part is losing after repeating the same tactic with the same enemy. It's not really bad and wasn't a bad call at all but it never feels right to lose against someone you just wiped with the same tactic.

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