Friday, September 3, 2010

Clans for politic section

First, a little piece of the grand boredom some Darkfall player's feel inside, here.
Also, I've finished writing down the list of clans, whose SGs will be questioned for the new politic section (I almost got a name for it). The list of clans are:
zZzZz (also speaking for Zagenda)
ANG (also speaking for ANG FRISST KINDER)
Nadirian Hordes (also speaking for Shadowlords)
Pandora (also speaking for Pandora alliance)
Snailparty (also speaking for I'm with stupid)
I know my Chickens (also speaking for Chickens Club!?)
Mental Disorder (also speaking for Insanity)
Devil Preservation Society
The Fremen Knights
Lux Arcana
That's it. If any other clan wants to make use of the politic section, he can PM me or leave a comment. Soon I'll start to send the questions to the SGs, those I can't find by Forum name, I'll try to contact them ingame. I see it's quite a list so I'll go little by little. Also, I've decided to include NEW because I believe it's interesting to see what's their view on political status as Agon's Switzerland and to support them.


  1. Not enough Frenchies in here.
    Pwnography shall be questionned aswell, envehto i have no clue of what it will be about.

  2. All frenchies are mad so Mental can speak for all Insanity. Despite that, if you wanna make some kind of statement... it can be arranged.