Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bad luck, bad mechanics or badly done?

The other day was great and yesterday was shit. That's the nature of Darkfall and one of the best parts of it but when you have a bad day, it sucks. It started with some PvP around Eslingar where I performed really really bad and lost 2 low gear bags. That part was completely my fault, not only I didn't play very good, I even forgot to load the arrows before a combat and I'm pretty sure that stupid thing made us, Zig Zag was with me, loose a combat.
Afterwas, I was riding with Brutal around alfar lands when we spotted a fleeing miner that gave me 120 iron ore and a very nice leenspar ore. I thought "this is improving" but then after some wandering we got hit by those damn alfar underground NPC towers and they killed us. We tried to come back to save our loot and I might been able to save mine but someone did it before we arrived there. Brutal was killed again by the towers trying to get his stuff and I was killed again trying to rez him.
That last part was actually a little bit of bad luck and lot of bad mechanics and badly done. The bad mechanics thing is pretty obvious. Why the hell do this towers hit you through the damn ground? Buildings block the zap ray but tons of rocks doesn't? Also, a fellow clanmate told us that arcane rings doesn't protect you from NPC towers so, combine that with their stupid range and you got a perfect death trap. Who says there is no safe zone in Darkfall?
But, and there's always a but, I knew those towers could hit you through the ground. A long time ago, I red that in the forums but I wasn't really aware of that at that time. I guess that won't happen again to me, lesson learned.

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