Sunday, September 5, 2010

Siege Report: Ichtan

Yup. At last, a siege! It's been a long time since my last siege and I was eager to enter in battle. From now on, I'll try to make a siege report of every siege I play.
This time, the Pandora alliance sieged our beloved hamlet in Yssam. We found the enemy in top of a mountain while we were on a little hill just below them. We fought a bit there, close to their big siegestone SE of the hamlet, and then after a push, a retreat was called, but when we were at our hill top again, they pushed and wiped us. Fortunately, the clan used 3 nexus to teleport everyone back to the fight, this time in north side of the hamlet. Again, as usual, I wasn't cautious enough and I got caught too close to the front line where I was killed and ganked again. When I managed to get back to the fight through the nexus, it was over! I just needed to stay alive a little bit longer but well, I'm so impatient. At this point, we first destroyed the cannons around our clanstone and then went for their siegestones, all of this unopposed. In my second port, I got my 2nd bag so I only lost one gear bag and when the loot was splited I kinda got it back. All in all, a very good siege despite it was short and I didn't perform too good.
The siege was won because we had more numbers but our second push was very well done or so I'm told. The healers stayed in the back healing and buffing while in the front line, the meleers retreat to heal and went back to battle. My place should have been with healers but... Maybe next time.

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