Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I love Darkfall and you don't :-P

The winners of the suculent 5.000$ prize of the "I love Darkfall" contest have been announced and as many people, me included were expecting, the fabulous concrete dragon got it. It's creators, Albatros and Gervantes, earned it with their effort and their love for the details (the dragon breathes fire!).

The second prize was for Khor Syon a fellow mahirim that carved on stone his adventures. I also like this "entry" (I don't how to catalog this, esculpture maybe?) because of its originality and inmersion. It's a really good idea for a contest like this and something that a lot of people might see and wonder what it means. Some pictures ahead.

Today, Resfelm has spotlighted a special mention; TPTON created a schoner replica made of sticks. It's also a very nice piece of work but it lacks some detail love. Maybe it was a matter of time but TPTON should have painted the ship and taken the picture in a more suitable place. Take a look.


Congratulations to the winners!

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