Saturday, September 25, 2010

Why do I love the bag?

There are some people out there who still go out without their Gear Bag and their most quoted explanation for it is that without a GB, their enemies have a harder time to loot them. I'm gonna explain my point of view through a little story.
A couple of days ago, Pandora came to PvP to Frostbourne (check the video below) and it was a long and very fun battle. On that battle, I died and was ganked. As I respawn, I quickly grabbed a GB and a mount from the bank (very few clicks and two drag&drops) and started riding towards enemy while putting my armour on. Fortunately, I was ganked when we were doing the final push and I managed to recover my previous GB. In that specific case, my quickness was not needed because we were already winning the battle but, nevertheless, I was ready to keep fighting in less then a minute. Readyness is quite important in Darkfall.
Few hours later, Pandora came back to Frostbourne and, this time, the battle was inside the walls. After an unsuccessful attempt to flank them I ran to the Clan Keep where the main battle was. A short fight later I died and was ganked again. In the loading screen, I heard in Vent that our main force on the roof was completely wiped. After respawning, with an iron faith and my Invulnerable Shield on I ran to the roof again. There were 4 Pandora ganking-looting  and I saw a Pandora dwarf looting one of three graves in the same spot where I had just died. As I ran towards him, I locate my grave but the dwarf, having already looted the previous grave, turns around, steps over my grave and stops in front of it. In despair, I ran towards it too and, one or two seconds later than him I press Use. Very nervous, I saw my GB appearing in front of me and without hesitation I drag it to my Backpack. I must have yelled something when I saw my GB in my Backpack. In a blink of an eye, I'm already jumping from the roof expecting the dwarf to follow me. I actually don't know if he did it or not but when I hitted the ground I had 0.1% of health left. I ran through the Keep, turn to the bank and press Use. After what seemed like an eternity, my bank opened and I managed to drag my GB back to safety. Hell yeah!! The best thing is that we even won that second fight agains Pandora in the end.
I hope now it's clear that using full GB is more efficient than dragging every necessary item to your Backpack. It also makes easy for a fellow clanmate to save your gear and offers the chance to do what I did with that Pandora dwarf. The only situation where not having a GB might be useful is when the enemy has ganked you but they are in a hurry; unfortunately, in that case, the enemy will most likely loot your best items and leave the shit behind. So, that's why I love the GB and I hope now, more people does.
An now a video from Van Dali from that first figth with Pandora. You'll see me die and rise again!

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