Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Unknown Attackers

I think that being able to hide your name and clan from your enemies can be a very nice tool in Darkfall. Let's see how could it be implemented. To hide your name other players outside your clan, you'll need a new Hood similar to the Assassin's Hood but much more expensive. When you have this new piece of equipment on, your name will remain hidden and player's will only see "Unknown". The Hood has very low durability and it can be destroyed if someone damages you (it could be nice to hace something special for it but a very low dura can do the trick).
As an special addition, any alignment decrease you have suffered while "hidden" disappears when you take the hood off but it multiplies by 2 if your hood is destroyed while in combat.
So, from the other side: If you're standing somewhere and a hidden player comes to you, the tag will be Unknown1. If another one comes, it'll be Unknown2 and so on. If at some point, one of the first players comes back, you'll see UnkonwnX in red. The red color implies that it's not the first time you've seen that stranger. This way, you can start to deduce who is that player.
I think that this feature may breathe some life into the political landscape and it could be great fun to use once some features are implemented. Do you imagine setting an ambush to a clan unable to retaliate because they don't know who attacked them? What do you think?

PS: YES, they have delayed the expansion ONE MORE DAY... :-(


  1. I think this is a really good idea. Especially - it has risk vs. Reward (anonymity costs an armor slot), it's craftable, and it has interesting RP/political implications. What about city system tripping? Anonymous, normal, or missing all together?

  2. Do you mean what about system messages when you enter a city? I would say that it has to show Unknown but with no number.