Thursday, October 14, 2010

Suggestion: City Raid

Some time ago I asked for more things for clans to do and also some more political tools for clans. The incoming suggestion can cover both of these aspects. The idea is to make raids more meaningful. So here we go:

-Only clans can start Raids. When a clan wants to start a Raid, any clan officer (the rank needed should be established by SG) needs to go to any of his holding's clanstone and Alternate Use on it to Declare Raid and choose any holding from a clan you are at war with. Clans without holdings can do the same at a Chaos City Stone, NOT NPC City. The target clan receives a system message warning about the raid.
Yup, unclanned people cannot raid. This is a clan feature and the prohibition to unclanned players will explain itself in a moment.
-After the declaration has been done, any player from the attacking clan binded at that Clanstone can Alternate Use on it to Join Raid. For every player, including the one that has done the declaration, joining the raid, an amount of gold we'll call "FirstWager" is taken from the clanbank. That amount increases with every player joining the raid.
This wager and the other that will come next are to establish a RiskVsReward and reducing the raid gain if there's an overkill situation.
-The attacking clan has 1 hour and a half to Start Raid. To do that, at least one of players that have joined the raid needs to Alternate Use on the target city and press Start Raid, when any raiding player does that, an amount called "SecondWager" is taken from the attacking clanbank. After the 1,5 hours, if no raiding players from the attacking clan has started the raid, the raid is over.
-Attacking players that have both Joined Raid and Started Raid that damage a target city building or structure will earn an amount called "RaidLoot" per health point taken.
I think it would be really nice if players could destroy the building's interior when raiding. That could be done without siege weapons and would leave a wrecked version of whatever object was there.
-RaidLoot is proportional to the amount of online players binded in the target city WHEN the Raid Declaration was done. RaidLoot is inverse proportional to the amount of players that have done BOTH Join Raid and Start Raid.
This way, a very populated city will be a nice target and will bring more gold than a underpopulated one. If the attacking force is too big that's also uneffective and the amount of gold decreases.
-After the first attacking players has started the raid, the attacking clan has 40 minutes (not sure about this one) to destroy as much as they can. After those 40 minutes, the raid is over and there's no more gain for asset destruction.
-RaidLoot should be balanced with the value of the materials needed to repair 1 health point from a building. That is to prevent allied guilds to raid each other for gains. If there's another way to prevent that, RaidLoot could be increased. The First and Second Wager should be balanced with RaidLoot, this way bringing too much people should be a bad idea but attacking players can avoid paying the SecondWager if they've brought too much people.
Well, that's he suggestion, it surely need a lot of tweaking to shield it against exploits but I think it can be done. This forum thread will surely help me to notice any weak spots. Do you like it?

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