Friday, October 8, 2010

Hellfreeze Aftermath

As you can see, yesterday I didn't post a thing and the obvious reason is that I was discovering the new expansion. Right now, as usual, Darkfall is being patched again with the bugs that such changes involve. ForumFall is still ForumFall and I guess it'll be like that until the end of time; lots of people are shouting on forums how bad this expansion is: some talk about FPS drops, some good mob spots now changed or removed, new mount speed is not enough, little content for veterans and lots of other stuff but I think that most of the people is now playing and enjoying the new mobs and dungeons instead of posting in forums and some of the usual posters are also usual QQers.
My personal experience with the expansion so far has been good. I love the new mahirim mount despite it's weird animation and I guess it'll make sound when riding after this fixer patch. I've been hunting some mobs looking for maps and I haven't been luchy thus far but my hope is not lost and I'm eager to get my hands on one of them. The revamped Vilegaunt looks very cool but no longer has 100% R60 Bow drop and the new Gnoll Butcher (that was not featured in the expansion notes) drops R50 polearms. The funhulks seem ok but they are not easy to drive and how can you control the damn beam? I haven't been in any of the new o overhauled dungeons but I guess they'll be ok and I heard that the daily quest rewards you with 3k gold. There are still a lot of features that I haven't been able to try yet like the Runner or the Gorra worm but I will soon enough.
I'm pleased with the expansion but some of the things Frank says in his feedback thread also worry me too. I guess now we have to wait for any bit of information about Darkfall 2010 features. Meanwhile I'll keep enjoying myself and training to be a good fighter.

PS: Now, I'll hit Skinning 100 pretty soon! :-P

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