Monday, October 11, 2010

Roads and Villages

The first concept in the title obviously refers to a very much asked feature about increasing the player speed when riding or running on a road. Right now, thanks to the graphic improvement, roads can be clearly seen on the map so a player could easily plan a long trip so he can mostly travel through roads to decrease the travel time. Aparently, Av has decreased the portal shard drop chance and that can only mean they want us to travel more than to teleport. Also, that feature would bring the possibility of ambushes or bandit parties roaming the roads. The classic "avoid roads even if it's slower" line could be used ingame! The work needed to implement it doesn't seem very complicated too, some coding and some animation work. So... why is this not ingame yet? Maybe it's on the list of things to do but that list might be really long. Or maybe they don't want to implement it but why?
After the expansion, where the time under your posesion has doubled, there's still a lot of people who believe that villages are not worth the time needed to cap it. There are some discussion on Forums and basicly two sides: those who want the village reward increased so they become a PvP hotspot and those who don't, saying that villages are supposed to be for little clans or even solo players instead of big clans and alliances (they truly have other ways to raise money). Personally, what I would do is reduce the health of the Village Stone because the problem is not the amount of money they give but the ridiculous amount of time you need to cap it. Some days ago, a clanmate and I capped two villages but it was so terribly boring that I don't think I'm going to cap another one unless Av decreases the amount of time needed.
See? Two concepts with very different debates around them. The point is that most of the suggestions players make are like those village suggestions: there ins't a correct way to do them or implement them. Forgive me for this cheap design philosophy post. :-P

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  1. What they need is a way to keep people at the villages longer. If you can cap it in 2 min then there wont be any PvP because people will have left the village before anyone else turns up