Thursday, October 21, 2010

Suggestion: Hang Gliding

Well, I guess I don't need to explain why I'd like to see this new "mount" implemented. Flying over Agon would be awesome and mean a lot of new options for sieges, raiding and travelling; very sandboxy!
This is how it could work: Constructing the ClothWing (BatWing, DeltaWing...) figurine would be an expensive task. To know the specific cost, we'd have to do some testing depending on the Wing "stats" (speed, health, etc...) and balance it properly. To use it, a player must spawn the Wing and press use to "ride" it. Then, the player needs to sprint towards a ledge and instead of falling to the ground the player would start gliding. The driving mechanics of the wing can be very complex or very simple and I guess Darkfall doesn't need the complex one, so the Wing could work like it does in many games (see Far Cry 2 videos below). The Wing has very low health and like funhulks, its speed decreases when its health goes down. It can be repaired with repairshards.Well, what do you think?

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