Sunday, October 17, 2010

Erruk in Noobland

Finally, I managed to convince a very good friend of mine to try Darkfall. He has signed up the 14-days trial and yesterday we decided to go to Long March. He has rolled human so he and I cannot stay at a Racial City and Chaos Cities are too dangerous for a noob, so he applied to NEW. Their SGs hadn't got any problem with me staying around but I had to bind in a nearby Chaos Stone, just a little inconvenience. So, for 14 days I'm gonna stay around Long March trying to show the best of Darkfall to my friend Anthas. This will give me the oportunity to take a good look at the NEW clan and the troubles of noob players.
For now, I haven't been able to see much because I've just arrived there but I hope I'll be able to write some interesting stuff about how noob players face this hardcore game. First of all, Long March is a big city and all the crafting stations are kinda far from bank so the city itself is not very noob-friendly. However, around it there are a good mobs for low-level characters and it's close to both human and ork lands. Long March doesn't seem very populated for now and I think that it'll be a good idea to announce the existence of NEW clan to new players in some way. At least, the NEW recruitment post should be stickied in the forums.

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