Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ships and the sea.

Some days ago, when Lux Arcana and Zagenda killed the Ice Dragon I managed to get a taste of ship "driving" and that's the screenshot I took from it. Yup, that was my first time behind the wheel of a ship. Right now, players only use ships to do 2 things: to take the Sea Tower and to kill the Ice Dragon. Well, from time to time, someone uses them to cap a sea village or to do some asset destruction but those aren't common and you don't need a ship to do that. Ships are expensive so people usually sit on them instead of just playing around with them. Their price and "fragility" might be part of the problem but I think we players need more reasons to spawn them. Sea Trade Routes? Speed increase to promote sea travelling? I obviously don't have the magic answer but, do you?


  1. I would like to see the sea villages only capable with ship cannons.

    It would also be cool to have special 'pools' of fish appear randomly in the ocean where either special fish can be caught or 2-3 fish per catch can be collected per cast.

    Maybe they could add a few mobs that could only be hurt with canon fire?

  2. I agree. We need more things to do with ships.