Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Blogging all around

Some days ago I was just thinking about it and today, even before the official anouncement, the Darkfall community found a new and shiny Darkfall Official Blog. For now, it has 8 entries but it looks like they'll be posting something everyday. That "something" is kinda precise because right now, there already are very different kinds of posts. I got to say I laughed at the lolcat contest but I'd like more posts like the very interesting interview to John-118 (Better tools for GM incoming!) or the quick view of the motion capture studio. Aparently it will also included TinyTyke Darkfall comic, hopefully TinyTyke will continue to draw them because they're really funny, I like them a lot.
Well, Darkfall peripherical features are falling into place little by little and now it also includes a Developer Blog, something everyone will be happy about. Now, we'll have to see if the community liasons can come up with new and interesting content every day without going into those tasty details we players want to know: future features and so on.

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