Friday, August 27, 2010

The wind barely blows

Well, well, I got a som R40 knives to buy but besides that there's not a lot to do in Agon right now. I'm still thinking on how to do the SGs interviews and today I've seen a thread on Darkfall's Forums that confirms me that my Politics Section in this blog might be very useful if I find the right way to do it. The thread is here (Create a forum for Sg's) and Frank from SUN asks for a subforum where only SG can write and read to reduce the amount, the very big amount of forum trolling. As someone else has said, that forum could be trolled with ease and I think that everyone should be able to read what's post in there but I don't dislike completely his suggestion. Actually, what I want to do in this blog is something similar, I'd like to build an embassy where SGs can truly discuss about politics without the extra hundred troll posts. I'm not gonna open a forum in this blog but I'm gonna try to do something that can work like that. We'll see...
Keep playing!
And convince some friends!!

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