Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Q&A 2: Answers from Aventurine

Yeeeha! This answers really come with good timing because a lot of people were craving for more info on things to come. The bad news is that my question (Are there any plans to implement free configuration city so you can choose wich canons or wich buildings you build or not?) was not answered and I wonder why. It looks to me that they don't know it yet, only reason I can imagine.
Anyway, they did answer many other questions and here some of the highlights:

“Darkfall 2010” is our internal code name for this project. Our intent is to have it complete within the year, but we can’t rule out that it will take longer than that. We’ve been working on this for quite a while, it’s parallel development to Darkfall and almost as big a project as making a new game.
First, I'm anxious to see what is Darkfall 2010 going to be. On the other hand, most likely, it will come on 2011. But they are rising the hype saying that it is "almost as making a new game".
 6) Are there any plans to limit schools of magic in order to allow mages to specialize in other schools? - Meaty Maggnus, Inquisition

Yes, some of the prestige classes we’re working on will allow for this. 
This! Good news indeed. Some time ago, I wrote a post in Darkfall Forums about how would I like the Prestige Classes to work and basicly, it works kinda like this, a way to create personal specialization. This is good news!! Elemental mages and necromancers incoming!
16) Any plans for Archery to get some secondary skills or utilities? - Izure Blackweb

We’re working on several new additions to archery in connection to the prestige classes.

17) What can we expect to see happen to Archery to make it more attractive as a primary play-style? - Rok Strike, Dark Hand of Valor

What we said in the question above, also, we’re going to offer more weapon types and ammunition types for archers
Oh, yes! Finally archers will be archers! They are gonna get "new additions", whatever that means, more weapon types and ammunition types. At last! That's the best part for me, since I'm an archer, but I think everyone will agree that's good news.
18) Do you have any plans to add an extra hotbar to the user interface? - Talon X, VAMP

We’re re-making the entire interface.
We really needed this. I hope we get rid of big fps drop because of the interface, a new chat sistem and better tools to set all of your bindings.
20) Have Aventurine considered a server merge between EU and US servers and situate the server on east coast US or Iceland? - Lord Seph

No we haven’t, we’re actually looking into opening up more servers long-term as population increases through the free trial and other initiatives, like Darkfall digital distribution partner availability, local distributors etc. We’re also speaking with partners in Asia about offering Asian servers as there seems to be strong interest in the game.
Something bitter sweet again. Another server would mean less population for the existing two, even if it's low percentage. But, they thinking this is a good sign, means the game is healthy.
23) Is the Current Alignment System working as intended, and if not what are the future plans for modifying the Alignment System ? - Morad Wrothmarch

We have plans to do some things to improve it and make it more versatile, we feel for the time being that it’s adequate. We’re also looking into adding more controls as ways that improve your alignment.
This doesn't look good. They are not gonna say: "it's not working" but to say "it's adequate", means they have no plans for a complete revamp which I think it needs.
33) Are there any plans to add some kind of salvaging Skill? - Rochus Beerbelly, Pandora

This is something which is planned but low priority at the moment.
Oh, well. I'll start selling all the shit I've been gathering.
35) The introduction of cargo holds to ships has already been announced, along with the ability of cities to prevent raiders from using their banks. What is the extent of this localization process, and will this end goal include local / regional banking? - Comrade Zaffa

We’re working towards regional and local economies, not so much towards local banking.
I'll have to come back to this one because how can you have a local economy without local banking?
40) Will you ever remove the siege / political change global system messages? - Zig Zag, Lux Arcana

No we happen to like the messages. Why do you want them removed?
There you go. A very straight answer. I don't like the global messages so, I guess maybe with a good discusion we can change their mind.
54) Are there currently any plans for alternative methods of travel on land, specifically in the forms of stage coaches or chariots? - Rigan Peer, Nomads

No plans currently but we’re considering adding a portal system.
What? Well, well, this a big thing. Lots of people have been arguing about portal system, yes or no. For me, the worst is: no chariots anytime soon.

Well, that's all. I guess these days there's gonna be many discussions in the Forums and it will make the wait for next expansion a little bit easier.

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