Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cap and caps and caps...

In this post from Syncaince blog, I've discovered that Final Fantasy XIV will have an experience cap. This means that players will earn a limited amount of experience per week. I also agree that's a good thing. As said in the Hardcore Casual blog, players can become true robots when there's a potential prize to win. In Darkfall, there's no cap and a player will probably need his whole life to max each and everyone of the skills and stats. So, lots of Darkfall players dedicate a big part of ther gaming time to train some skill or spell or whatever. Sometimes, it's dificult to find players to play with because they are all macroing something or farming X mob because they need Y material to skill up the Z skill.
When I started playing Darkfall I saw it very clear, a soft cap or good skill decay system is what Darkfall needs to reduce the Grind and to let players play for fun instead of playing for the numbers.

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