Sunday, August 22, 2010

Back in the lonely planet

Well, my vacations are over and I'm back in Agon. Unfortunately, Agon is pretty empty these days. Summer is never a good time for MMORPGS and moreover, a lot of people is waiting for the next expansion to start playing again. I gotta say that I came back from my holidays expecting at least some kind of update on the expansion status but there were nothing like that.
The bright side is that our city, Ymmenek is raided pretty often so we have enough action at home but Agon is mostly empty right now and that's not a good thing.
On the political side of things, Urme's map shows how 2 big alliances have gathered to do battle in what a lot of people in Forums are calling Agon's World War 3. I'd like to talk about the Darkfall EU1 politics but I'm still thinking about how to do it. Keep reading!

PS: I've finished A Game of Thrones and I need to recommend it to every Darkfall player out there. Don't miss it!

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