Thursday, August 5, 2010

May the light fall upon Ymennek

Yep! Lux Arcana owns Ymennek. Yesterday night, there was the final stage of a city trade (Darkmoore for Ymenek) with clan Risen. We were expecting some trouble but the siege ended easy and quickly. Ymennek is suposedly more PvP active than Darkmoore and we all are waiting for daily raids from our friendly neighbours (and I'm not talking about Spiderman).
Yesterday, after we took the clanstone down and waited a few minutes to see if anyone was coming. We decided to go raid something since we already were prepared and eager for a fight. Our first stop was Ghanalag but nobody was there. After we left, I think Maejohl got some tells from Pandora asking us to come back for a fight but we were already in our way to Ul'Hamra. There we surely found a good fight. In the beginning it seemed the city was kinda empty but some people from The Black Company started to appear like ants out of their holes and they gave us a very nice PvP round. I managed to stay alive longer than I'm used to so all in all I really enjoyed it.
Ymennek looks like a very fun city to defend so I hope some more PvP will happen soon. God know I need the practice!

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