Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My first duel

I'm a very impatient player and because of that I've done quite less grouped play and PvP than most. It's time to change that and the Lux Arcana PvP Ladder is a very good way to do that and so are Duels. I've done some duels in the past but I never took them very seriously and so, today I challegen Brutal to my first true Duel. And he beat me. Yes, I got a lot of practice to do, mostly on the bow side of things because I hardly hit him.
After it, I dueled with MrBiggo and he did beat me too. The Duel itself was very similar and it was again hard to hit him with an arrow even when he was quite close to me.
Well, I'm gonna keep on challenging clanmates to improve my skills and sure hope I learn how to aim on duels. The weird thing is that in sieges or grouped PvP I've hit people more often than today in the duels. Anyway, I'm gonna train like Rocky himself!

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