Monday, August 23, 2010

One step in politics

Agon EU1 is right now a very interesting place to live in even if it's kinda deserted. There is a World War ongoing and you only need to check Urme's Map to realize it. How did it start? Who are the main players behind it? Who's winning or losing? How big are the armies figthing? I know some of this answers but you need to pay close atention to EU1 Clan Discussion to discover what's really going on and I gotta say, it's not an easy task.
That's why I'd like to create a Politics Section in this, my blog. I'd like it to be an organized and weekly section where you can check the political status of EU1 and the main clans intentions or justifications in a quick look. I've written a post in Darkfall Forums to see what are the opinions of the rest of the players and, hopefully, to receive some good and useful feedback. You can find the thread in here.


  1. Erruk, I'd love to see some more politics covered in this blog, and I think you should start off small. Tell us who is fighting the world war you speak of, and how it affects you. Tell us your neighbours are, who your enemies are and why.

    I notice that a lot of the responses to your forum thread suggest that you PM the SGs of various clans. That's a great idea, and it would be interesting to see if you could try to publish regular or semi-regular interviews with different SGs - for instance, a different SG every week or fortnight. You could start with the opinions of your own SG.

    You had two suggestions in the forum thread for how you elicit responses for SGs: either ask for an open-ended statement from SGs about whatever is in their mind, or send them a set of questions about what you think is going on. I prefer the latter: give the SGs a framework to hang their thoughts on. Also, if you make the questions open-ended, they will have a chance to explain whatever is on their mind, anyway.

    Finally, I would hate to see you putting off your political coverage until you have a complete picture of what's going on, because that day may never come!

  2. Thanx for your comment and you're right. It would be easy to put that idea off because I'm not sure if I can make it right but I should try. Thanx Dàchéng.