Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Toad's Tongue: First Sight

Well, I've decided to start with a small part of my take on Agon's Politics. This first section will be called Toad's Tongue because that's how I feel when I try understand what's happening in the rest of Agon. I could told you a lot of things of Lux Arcana but I got only very few things to say about big wars and conflicts. Nevertheless, I will.
In this, my first Toad's Tongue I'd like to describe the current status of Agon EU1. Right now there's a big war that many people in the forums (The Big Embassy) are calling World War III. I think that the first or second involved the famous Hyperion Alliance but I'm too young to remember those things. Two big alliances are figthing said war: Zagenda and ANG FRISST KINDER (I will use the names in Urme as it's the more reliable source).
In Zagenda, the two most influential clans are zZzZz with Xzyzz zyXz (aka Foggen from The Big Embassy) and SUN with Tsalarian Crystalshard (although I've always considered Frank Sinatra to be its leader); other clans in the alliance are Nadirian Hordes (payed mercenaries I believe), The Fremen Knights and Aesir (who returned back to EU1 after a long absence).
In ANG FRISST KINDER, the two most influential clans are ANG with Razor Ramon (and KRANKONE HSLER as defacto leader) and Devil Preservation Society with King Kokane; other clans in the alliance are The Black Company, Mental Disorder, Le Clan Neanias and French Kiss.
I really don't know why has this World War started but I guess there's no simple reason and probably you'll find every reason needed in TBE. zZzZz, SUN, ANG and DPS, as four of the most influential clans in the server, have always had resentments and conflicts. Some say this WW is due to the low population the server has been suffering during the summer and it might have something to do too.
I'm not completely sure about this but, from what I've been reading in TBE, I think the Zagenda alliance is winning the war partly because of SUN joining the alliance recently. But I really don't care about any of the two sides, the only clan I know, Nadirian Hordes are there as mercenaries and this war is going to help them for sure, so I'm happy for them. I only hope, those apocaliptic voices that say "this war is gonna make people leave the game" are very wrong.
From the little swamp, the Toad says: Enjoy the game!

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