Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Friends will be friends

While I think how to start the Politics Section, I want to post a little picture of some clanmates getting ready to roll at clan bank. In this game, more than any other I've played before, you need to have some friends. That's why the majority of people joins a clan as soon as they can. Some very brave players wander the land by themselves but unless you have a good toon and you are a good player you are going to suffer A LOT. For me, that's actually a flaw. For this game to grow bigger it needs to be more solo and casual friendly. Right now, every other player, even a blue one, is seen as the enemy when he should be your ally, at least temporarily. In this game, when two players meet eachother, 99% of the time is to kill eachother, 0.5% to ignore eachother and the 0.5% is to help eachother. Darkfall needs a better alignment system that favors people helping eachother and a better chat system including Chat Bubbles to improve player communication. With those two things, Darkfall would improve quite a lot. Enjoy the game!


  1. Chat Bubbles would bring so much emersion into the game and
    I have always thought that there should be a very harsh penalty for killing same race.

    I have had a friend leave the game because of this, saying that the alignment system as it stands just dose not work.
    Having said this, I still love the game.

  2. I love the game too but it can improve and the alignment system is one of the things that can improve a lot.