Thursday, July 29, 2010

Economics part I: Auction Houses

Well, since the economics of Darkfall can be very complex and there are lots of things to say, I've decided to write a "part I" in the title and start talking about Auction Houses. This has been discussed in the forums over and over again but it seems like Av hasn't said nothing about it so speculation and discussion goes on.
Personally, I'd like to see some kind of Auction House but of course, the hard part is how to implement it. A lot of people think the Auction Houses will make the trade too easier and will eliminate player interaction. Well, first, trading right now is just painful, you gotta spam the chat, pray for someone interested to be reading it in that precise moment and if all the other work, hope the buyer or seller is not in the other side of Agon. So, I'm pretty sure that there's a way to keep the trading a risky business without being totally aberrant. The second part can be solved if you implement the Auction Houses with that in mind.
I'm not gonna post a full description of how the Auction House could work but only the main parts. The amount and location of Auction Houses in Agon is the first thing to decide. I think that two or three, kinda far from NPC cities, run by a neutral faction, available for everyone blue, could do the trick. Of course, nearby holdings would see their value grow but that's gonna happen with any content, Devs decide to add.
The Auction House could work in two ways:  1) as some kind of vendor where players need to transport the object and leave it there with a value attached and other players take it and need to transport it back to bank. 2) as a way to easily find any object you need and the player who wants to sell it, then you can meet the player wherever you want. I'd like better the first one cause I feel the second one could be misused.
Well, this are my 2 cents on Auction Houses. If you wanna read more ideas, check this link. You need to be registered in Darkfall Forums to see it.

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