Thursday, July 1, 2010

Change of Clan

Today I made the final decision on something that has been around my head for some time now. I've left Covenant of the Phoenix. I joined CotP the first day on Agon because I bought the game through Heist, its SG. The day I arrived at Tiquiya, CotP was selling it cause many members were leaving to NA1 (if I'm not right). Those days were hard cause I was a completely noob, Darkfall being my first MMORPG and not a very accesible one. We lived in Western Tlaloc for a very short time, there I discovered the joy of being bindcamped by Chuck Norris, no less, and I found my only good chaos chest: 10k gold. After that we spent a long time in Silvertown where live was harsh for me, a week old character. Finally we joined Guardians-BoS-Shadowlords and the good times came. I've had a lot of fun around Hal-Kali but I feel it's time for a change of air.
So I've joined Lux Arcana. They seem to be a good clan and I'm very excited about joining them. Soon, some news about my new clan.


  1. What?! Darkfall is your first MMO?!

    You must have, at least, some decent roots in the RPG genre to survive in DF as your first MMO. If not, thats fucking HARDCORE.

    Either way, though, you are still hardcore. Keep your game goin' on!

  2. Jejeje. Thank you! And yes, I got old RPG roots since I started player pen and paper RPG with 15 years old and my first computer RPG was Lands Of Lore 2, I think.
    Anyway, I was tempted to play Ultima Online for a long time but I didn't. Years later, Darkfall is my kind of game.