Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hell yeah!

After a very long time waiting, some good and bad luck all in one and the remaping all of my binds I can finally say I'm back. I still need to sort out some little issues but today I've killed two Evil Eyes! Back in the game. I'm really happy about it and I'm eager to get my pace back. Moreover, today I've also discovered a very interesting post in Syncaine blog, a must in the narrow Darkfall blogsphere that I shall comment tomorrow or so.
Well, those of you playing in EU1, see you ingame!

1 comment:

  1. Absolutely great blog and very well done :)

    I'll be reading this regularly from now on, being a fellow EU1 Agon player and a newbie in that harsh world *shivers*

    PS. Know what you mean about keybinds. Having input bindings mapped to the right keys for you is a must for any successful player, imo.

    Kudos for a great blog - keep up great work! :)