Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What's an image worth?

Besides some bad news from Tasos, today we've received some screenshots from the new World Terrain System. The word Systems and some bits from Tasos post seem to point to something bigger than graphic revamp but for the time being, we don't know what might be. So, let's talk about graphics. Actually there's not much talk to do because 99% of the gamers know that graphics are nothing if there's no good gameplay. Some time ago, before a very needed improve on my computer, I found that I couldn't play the new games anymore so I took a look into old games, oldies but goldies. Then I found one of the best games I've ever played, nÂș1 PC game of all times according to IGN: X-COM: UFO Defense.
That game is just amazing and the size of the pixel is nearly as great as the game is. Despite that, the level of inmersion and care you had for your squad members was just completely amazing. I gotta admit it, in X-Com I reloaded pretty often, but it was not because I wanted to win the battle.  I didn't want my great characters to die! The whole game is amazing and if you've never played it, go download it right away. You're gonna have a blast!
Well, the same thing happens to Darkfall. I don't need to reload to save my character but I truly don't care much about graphics either. I'm happy they improve them because most likely it will bring more players to the game but in my list, graphics update are low, very low.

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