Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Addicted to fun!

Well, even though I got no computer to play Darkfall with (it's day 6 waiting for the new graphic card) I can't avoid checking the forums for some funny stuff and some news. I'm particularly waiting on the latest Q&A sent by Paragus but meanwhile the Spotlight section of Darkfall Forums has delivered another bit of what's to come. And it's Fun Hulks! Oh... and flags. You can find the original post here.
As usual ForumFall Warriors started to tear up their clothing in the name of "Not Enough" or even "Completely Useless". I've already stated that ForumFall is like a swamp, it can be misterious and even gothic-beautiful if you like foggy places (I do) but if you go too deep in it, there's no way back. In Darkfall official forums there are LOTS of good ideas, suggestions and discussions but unfortunately there also is a big share of trolling. Actually, thanks to ForumFall Warriors I've recently grasped the full meaning of Forum Trolling.
Anyway, as with everything else we'll have to see how Fun Hulks and Use Flags are implemented but I kinda like it. It's not like that's the only content we'll see in the coming expansion and as Resfelm has written they're both sandbox elements, so you can use it or not. I'm pretty sure smart players will find lots of use for both of these features, some of them will be called exploits and some others will be praised for the amazing fun it brought. We'll have to wait and see.

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