Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Improving Darkfall's PvE

Yesterday I talked about a post that Syncaine wrote in his blog Hardcore Casual and I wanna expand a bit on it. Syncaine has been lucky enough to go visit Adventurine while in his honeymoon and he has some very good information for us all.
In Darkfall Forums I've wrote about the need of more PvE variety for some time now. I feel like zombies should be slow and not smart while flying monsters should be able to fly up and charge down as a falcon would do, bersekers should attack you no matter what and goblins might flee as soon as you get the upper hand in combat. Well, acording to Syncaine some of this is coming to Darkfall. For one, the monster AI will become more obvious so players can know what's a mob status. The second hotspot of his post are mob special attacks like. I hope that combining this two improvements the PvE in Darkfall will get a lot better but I'd still like to see some more kinds of mob attitude and combat tactics.
In any case, Aventurine knows the great potential Darkfall has for PvE and I'm pretty sure that we will see it growing in every and each expansion.

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