Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Information nº6! You won't get it! (Or you will)

Well, I've decided to entitle this post with this mythic quote from The Prisoner starting credits cause information is for us mmorpg players as important as it was for Nº2. So, today is a happy day! Here you can find the whole post from Tasos but I'm gonna comment on the hottest topics.
Before going into some specifics for next expansion, Tasos has written about the ETA for this very same expansion and future ETAs from now own in a very appreciated declaration. Now, the important stuff:
There are many new monsters being added to the game, new monster types, new spawns, new tactics, special abilities, new behaviors etc.
Hell yes! I've been praying for this for a long time and it finally looks like it's coming. Darkfall's PvE is going to be great.
We’re adding new fun resources and features to the game which players can use to play around or create events with.
 That's very nice! Darkfall surely lacks some fluff and I love the idea to give players tools to create events. Actually, as soon as I have a good character with enough good equipment I really want to create some events to improve further this great game.
It includes new ship types, an additional feature to ships, and new mounts.
The additional feature on ships is suposed to be a cargo hold working as a moving strongbox and that's suposed to lead to regional or even local banking. Also, I've heard through the grapevine that we'll have more than two new mounts (Bear and Runner). Awesome!

I've only listed some of the features on the article and most likely, there will be some more. Of course, all these features could be bad coded or whatever and be complete shit but we can hope. Accoding to Tasos's words we should expect the new expansion for august or something like that but meanwhile I'll be waiting for every Spotlight with any bit of INFORMATION!!!

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