Monday, June 21, 2010

The Long Hunt

Yesterday's game sesion was really really good. It had a little bit of everything: some questing, some PvPing, some mats gathering, some running away, some ganking and some looting but the best Darkfall moment for me was this one.
I was riding to a low mob spawn to finish a quest (lately it looks like Quests give better rewards: the gold amount is still insignificant, but they give Nith or Numen or even a selentine ingot.) when I heard some battle noise. I was only carrying my LowPvE bag so I decided to check it out. Crouching and slowly I moved to a place where I could see another player figthing the Windlords. Unfortunately I quickly notice that Windlords (who looks better now) don't even start to scratch the other players HP and, anyways, he heals quickly as soon as he has finished them. I keep looking trying to decide if I should run away or take my chances when I see him leaving the Windlord spawn. I check YourMom and I see that he's going to a Menhir spawn. Menhirs are far stronger than Windlords so I decide to follow him. Crouching all the time and moving from cover to cover really slowly (Splinter Cell stylah) I finally manage to get a good view of the Menhir spawn. There, the unlucky player is fighting the Menhir but his HP is really low and it doesn't look like he's going to win it. I jump from my observation point and start shooting arrows at him. Luckily for me, he dies far from the Menhirs so I can loot him without problems. He wasn't carrying a ready bag and I'm pretty nervous so, looting him becomes a pain in the ass. With a big smile on my face I discover that he was carrying a Battlehorn! My first Battlehorn! Still with the Adrenalin Rush I realize I'm overcumbered so I start to recall praying that he doesn't come back to claim his stuff. He doesn't and I bank the battlehorn plus some other things he was carrying.
This little adventure was thrilling and I loved it. I truly am a Dark Arrow!


  1. Sweet, its those experiences that make Darkfall so worthwhile. I haven't had too many of those moment lately, things have been rather dull. It will come with time I guess.

  2. It sure will! Also, the next expansion is just around the corner and it's gonna be awesome.