Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Back Home

These last few days I've been in Mahirim lands. It's always nice to spend some time there after a long absence. But not too long either. What was I doing? Well, first I did some quest for ther rewards, nice enchanting mats, and then I cashed all my Selentine and Veilron keys. While Veilron aren't that bad, Selentine keys are just not worth the time. From now on, I won't cash them anymore and will sell them or give them for free to newbs. After that I decided to finish my Q1 STR title quest, goblins, because I could kill them naked with my 1H Axe. Unfortunately, despite getting the quest done, my 1H Axe skill barely got up and it will be a long time until I can do mounted combat properly. So, after my long run in Mahirim Lands, three or four days, I'm finally back home at Hal Kali. I've missed my grouped hunting sesions and I'm hoping to restart them as soon as I can.

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