Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Patch!

Yes! I love it when Av decides to patch a little bit this incredible game. Sometimes, the patch is not nearly enough but some other times, the patch is just very good and everyone is excited. Well, in here you can find the full patch notes (the patch itself is coming tomorrow) but these are the highlight stuff for me:

Normal mining nodes now have a chance of dropping a rare metal ore
Well, this is very good news. Until now, it was really hard to get your hands on some rare ore if you hadn't a high character. Now, it'll be easier and I might start using r50 weapons.

Wildlife has been added to many cities and clan cities. This includes cats, rats, chicken, pheasants, manthe spiders
That's not a big deal but I like it.

Corrected the hitpoint advancement for all players. Hitpoints now increase faster at lower Vitality/Strength levels.
A very important step towards reducing the noob-vet gap. This is the patch jewel. Now I won't have any excuses if I suck at PvP. We shall see.

Several performance optimizations.
Ho ho ho! I really hope that's true. Darkfall truely needs some optimizations so big sieges are still playable. Also, I'd really really like to see some improvements in the Sight Distance issue. I believe that Mortal Online looks better than Darkfall because it has longer Sight Distance. 

Splash damage is related to your distance from the explosion center. This applies just to player cast spells against other players.
A lot of players, me included, have waited for this for a long time. This little magic nerf was very needed so players stop a bit the magic nuke spamming. We'll have to see how much the damage reduces.

The only thing I miss in this list is some archery love. Yes, the chance for rares and the splash damage reduction relates to archery but it is kind of indirect. I'd like to see some more archery skills or different kinds of arrows or something that adds more tactical options.
Aventurine is not a very big team but they are working in the good directions and I'm completely sure that Darkfall is going to be a very important MMO within a year or two.


  1. I can't wait for this patch. I just got my new pc built and am getting back into Darkfall.