Friday, June 11, 2010

More Dev Input!

Today Tasos has come clean with some features that next week patch will bring to Darkfall and I'm truly excited about them.

Normal iron nodes have a chance of dropping rare ore, making higher end gear more accessible to a larger number of players.
That's a good move. Some players fear now rare ores will be worthless and everyone will be wearing infernal armor. Well, being Av, that chance might be something like 0,001 % of getting one rare ore. Only those who mine 3 hours a day will get that ore. Anyway, I'm hoping that Darkfall 2010 brings more mats to craft and among them some super rare ore.

The amount of splash damage dealt out by magic spells will now depend on the target's distance from the center of the explosion. This change is meant to add to pvp balance.
Hell yes! From my point of view, magic is heavily overpowered and this fix will be very good for balance. No more nuking with eyes closed.

By player demand, the world map and the minimap will now display your character's last death location making it more convenient to get back.
That's the lesser fix. I've always been able to find my tomb when it was actually there. Looking for it is kinda fun.

The health curve for all players has been modified. Health gain is considerably faster at lower levels and is another step to improving competitiveness for newer players.
¡Yes! This is a really needed fix for the amazing noob-vet gap that plagues the game. Nearly all character progression in this game should be horizontal.
Well, I can't wait. Once this patch is online, I might be able to get my hands on some R50 and R60 weapons. It's about time!

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