Thursday, February 3, 2011

Toad's Tongue: Sun vs Zagenda

Well, well, the war between Sun and Zagenda is apparently nearly over since Zagenda only has three holdings left but Sun is not in any hurry either and they're taking their time. The ForumWar, on the other side, had an interesting development (besides ANG semi-announcement) in this very thread. The thread is already 39 pages long but the good stuff is on its last 10 pages or so.
According to Frank Sinatra, Sun main voice in ForumFall, Xzyzz threatened him with peace (whatever that means). Then Beyond and Heldana claimed Xzyzz told them that Frank was lieing or trolling. Frank then asked for permision to post the screeshots that can prove what he said but he hadn't got said permision and so, he's not posting them. Do you follow me?
In my opinion, there's a couple of things that can be going on here. A) Frank's telling the truth about the PM from Xzyzz and he won't post the screenies because Xzyzz won't give his permision. (aka Frank's Forum Honor). B) Frank's telling the truth about the PM from Xzyzz but he won't post the screenies because Xzyzz has threatened him with posting other incriminating screenies (aka Cold Forum Screenie War). C) Frank's lieing about that PM but we won't know the truth until Xzyzz comes back to ForumFall to give permision to Frank.
My favourite choices are obviously A and B. Also, if B's the correct one, this Cold War is leaving Xzyzz in a worst position than Frank's so, I guess that if someones points a gun to my head and ask me to choose only one option I would chose option A which, in cas it's true, leaves Xzyzz and the whole Zagenda alliance in a really bad and ugly spot. We'll see how this evolves!

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