Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Siege Report: Skogul and Quarendel 14th February

The day before yesterday, Lux Arcana sieged Skogul from Small Unnamed Alliance and, in retaliation they countersieged Quarendel. So yesterday night, we had a double siege on our hands! When the time was upon us, we rode to a cave near Skogul where one of our siegestones was placed. There we spawned three stronboxes to create a tighter bottleneck and three cannons to blow it to kingdome come. After a while, SUA camed and the standoff ensued with lots of spells and cannonballs flying around. Due to some confusion I was in one of these cannons but low-fps and no preparation make it very hard to hit the bottleneck properly. Then, they full blinded us and made a Battlehorn Charge that succeeded in creating chaos among our lines. I was so confused that I died at the damn cannon before I could disengage from it. They wiped us there.
Back in Andruk, we regeared and started to port over Skogul again but when I managed to port, there were already several combats, one of them with a fleeing ship, around me and one minute after the cancellation of the porting was called. I was with 5 or 6 other people, in different mumble channels, and when the order to regroup in Andruk once again was called everyone just tried to run for his life. I managed to get away with my second siege bag and to recall to Andruk unharmed. When I arrived there, people was already out of the city taking those Quarendel siegestones to protect our hamlet. Unfortunately, they didn't even tried to take it and after some destruction, we just went back to Andruk.
From the player perspective, it wasn't a great siege: we lost the offensive, a nice siege bag or two per player and, above all, it was really short. But I think that as a clan, we learned some nice stuff today. I'm eager to try and take the hamlet again.

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