Sunday, February 14, 2010

Run & Hide

Today I've had a very nice play sesion. It didn't end well but it was plenty of fun and I've had lots of Adrenaline Rush. It started when I was going to farm some mobs for weapons. When I got there I hear noise of battle and I keep going very slowly on my Aradan mount. I see one guy, human I believe, who seems about my level for his armour and time to kill the mob. Heart pumping, I move to a nice position and start my stealthy aproach hoping to jump on him when he's injured from battle. But unlucky me, instead of going back for ONE more round, that's all I needed because I was ready, he runs away and I miss my chance.
The good part was that I could farm the mobs and that's what I do. After 3 or 4 kills, I hear a sound and I see mounted Ginger Magician, a famous forumwarrior who has a powerful character. Quickly I spawn my mount and start running because I know I can't handle Ginger. Obviously, he pursues. In a risky movement, because I could have tried to get to Tughry, actually I should have tried to get there. Well, anyway, in a stupid movement, I go inside some mountains, I really don't know how to call them but it a was a small location with high and sharp "hills", it looks as a narrow maze by a little lake. Unfortunately for me, I ended up riding around the shore of the lake where Ginger could and did shoot my mount dead. I keep on running with some distance between Ginger and me. Very close by, there was a village and quickly go there and get myself inside a house to hide. I call for some alliance help and meanwhile I can hear Ginger doing magic, probably buffing himself. I wait trying to see something through windows but I can only hear him. I wait and I wait and suddenly I can't hear him anymore. I'm thinking about trying to leave or recall I hear some steps and in three seconds there's another guy, Daniel Prez going into the player's house where I'm hiding. We battle, first inside the house, then outside, but he's a better fighters, and knows better than I do how to run away and turn to attack quickly a lot better than I do. So, he kills and ganks me. The end.
Jejeje. It really was fun and for a second I really thought I could survive and bank those beautiful and needed Revenant Daggers but well, I didn't. Another thing to point out is that I was wearing my lowest ready bag so, it's not a really big deal.

PS: I've harvested the enlighted bushes but nothing out of the ordinary. No Steedgras ofc.


  1. I think the bush's are just a graphical effect, still fun tho.

  2. Yes, I keep seeing those lights in the last screenshot like they are always there. I'm pretty sure it's just for ambient. The curious thing is that the first time I saw them, they were gone the next day. A glitch I guess or something like that. But it was fun for a while...