Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Notes Patch February 17

We've got a new patch! The complete Patch Notes here. Here are some thoughts about them:

"Improved server anti-cheat checks in place"
First, instead of improved the word was hardcore. Well, I just hope this is really true and hackers leave this game forever. You gotta hate them.

"More wildlife monsters added: moose, kangaroo, rabbit, porcupine, beaver"
Yeay! When will I be able to train my own kangaroo, Av? I want a boxing kangaroo now!

"Added spawn effect to monsters & Tweaked mount spawn effects & All bows in game have been remade as the first step in an ongoing effort to revamp the graphics of all weapons"
That might be good visual enhacements and I'm happy about it. But I'd like to see some engine improvements in this matter. Instead of revamped bows, make shadows work right with the landscape. No more rock shadow from outside inside a cave. Make floor bloodstaints stay there instead of projecting on the character.

After all, it's not a very big patch and my hopes are in the improved anti-cheating system. As someone in the forums said, I'm pretty sure that Av is saving the big stuff for the next expansion that might come on Darkfall aniversary, 26 february. Unfortunately, I think that if they were going to release the big expansion the 26th, a little over a week from now, they wouldn't have released this patch today. But we'll see. A man can dream.

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